Marriage Requirements

Congratulations!  To find the person with whom you'd like to spend the rest of your life can be the most challenging part, and you've already accomplished that!  Now it's onto another joyful phase- doing all the planning for a wonderful, just-right-for-you wedding.

Once your wedding date has been chosen, then determine if you'd like to have a civil or religious ceremony, and contact the appropriate celebrant as soon as possible.  (Remember that a marriage commissioner can only officiate a civil ceremony). To contact me, either do so via my contact page, or by emailing me:  I'll respond as quickly as possible, and we'll arrange an initial meeting.  During that meeting we'll get to know one another and make sure I'm the commissioner you would like to lead this most important event!  Be prepared to laugh, share your story with me, and to ask any and all questions you might have.  

Once we've agreed that I'll officiate your wedding, you'll need to follow these steps in order to be legally married in Alberta.  More information can be found at Service Alberta: Getting Married.

  1. ​Confirm the date, place and time for your wedding.

  2. Get a marriage licence from an Alberta Registry Agent. Fees vary between registry offices. Find a registry agent.

    1. Go to the registry together with a piece of government issued photo ID (passport, driver's license) and divorce documents if you have been married before. Both of you must be present to apply for and purchase a marriage licence. You will need to know:

      1. your full legal names

      2. the date and place of your birth

      3. your parents' full legal names and their places of birth

    2. The registry agent will enter your information, give you the completed form and ask you to check it carefully. Check spelling and the dates. Marriage commissioners cannot change information on the licence.

    3. When you are sure everything is correct, return it to the registry agent and make sure the agent signs the bottom part of the licence. Don't fold the licence or allow it to be damaged or soiled in any way. 

  3. Your marriage licence is valid for three months from the date it's issued. For example, if you purchased it on March 1st, your wedding can take place anytime between then and June 1st.  

  4. Once you have your licence, please contact me and we'll really roll up our sleeves and get planning. We'll meet as many times as you'd like to make sure you are feeling confident your wedding is set exactly as you want it.  This process can occur very quickly, or can take place over several months. I can marry couples on the same day they get their licence- that's not a problem at all!

  5. Get married! During the wedding, the marriage licence is signed by the couple, the two witnesses and me. After the wedding, I will give you a blue document called a Civil Statement of Marriage. I will mail the Registration of Marriage to Vital Statistics right away.

  6. A few weeks later, either you or your spouse can go to a Registry and order your marriage certificate. There is a charge for this service. If one of you wishes to change your name, you can start that process at that time.

  7. Live happily ever after!

Debra Barron

Marriage Commissioner

Phone/Text: 780 222 6478


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